Chroma Line Royal Blue PLA 3mm 3d printer filament

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  • Produced in the U.S with only the purest Naturework Resin
  • 3.0 mm
  • 1kg spool, vacuum sealed with desiccant.
  • Extrusion Temperature 180ºC – 230ºC
  • Material Weight1kg (2.2lbs)

PLA or Polylactic Acid is a biodegradable and carbon-neutral plastic made from corn, tapioca root or sucar cane. In our products we use NatureWorks 4042D resin which extrudes at around 180º C to 220º C and produces no toxic fumes. It is safe to handle and use even for kids and often advertised as food-safe. Please be aware that our material contains colorants and is not produced in a controlled food-safe environment. As such we do not recommend to use it in extended direct contact with food, especially not liquids. There are options to cover the material with lacquer that are considered food-safe. Diameter3mm HTML Color Code#0047BB Diameter – Stability0.03mm Pantone Color Code2728C ColorRoyal Blue MaterialPLA (Polylactic Acid) Material – ResinNatureWorks 4043D Origin – ManufacturingU.S.A Additional InfoBiodegradable and CO2 neutral. Printing Requirements Extrusion Temperature180ºC – 230ºC Bed PreparationGlass, Kapton, Blue Painter Tape. Heated Bed60ºC – 80ºC [optional]

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