Chroma Strand Labs Line Pink ABS 3mm 1kg

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  • Premium Quality ABS with low dye composition for top performance
  • High Strength ABS with a nice shiny finish.
  • High melt-flow ratio means that it prints really well. Check out the pictures, aren’t those some beautiful ABS prints? We got them just by selecting ABS high quality and clicking print. No fussing around with filament that’s picky, this stuff just works!
  • This is the American made filament you want when your time and print quality matter. “For serious 3D printers, by serious 3d printers!”

Why ABS? ABS’s is a great mix of strength, heat resistance and price. You can solvent weld and smooth it too. MSDS available. Why Chroma Strand Labs ABS? Chroma Strand Labs starts with un-dyed pellets, and combines them with a premium dye package that keeps dye percentage low. Low dye percentage gives you consistent 3D prints color to color and batch to batch. Chroma Strand Labs also employs the high dollar extrusion hardware needed to accurately blend, extrude, and real-time verify the diameter and concentricity (like that word?) during production to ensure you get a filament that is hyper consistent in all dimensions. Good for use in LulzBot, Ultimaker, and other 3D printers that print 3mm filament. In LulzBot Cura edition, use the settings for ABS. Tuned profiles are available for Cura and Simplify 3D. There’s “inexpensive”, and there’s “cheap”. You want inexpensive. Chroma Strand Labs does their best to make quality inexpensive filaments in the USA that you can count on to deliver value, performance, and quality! Want proof? Check the pictures, these are real every day prints with real settings, not “hero prints”.

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