Plantronics CS351N Wireless Headset with charger HL10 lifter & 90 day warranty

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Includes power supply charger, headset & HL10 lifter. 90 day warranty. Pulled functioning form working environment.

Product description

SupraPlus Wireless Monaural Voice Tube Headset

The CS351N SupraPlus single earpiece wireless system delivers premium audio quality up to 300 feet from a desk phone. The sleek, over-the-head design can be worn comfortably for hours while remote call control provides convenience and flexibility thanks to compatibility with the Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter (sold separately), making answering easy when not near your desk.

Single-side earpiece lets you talk on the phone while remaining aware of what’s around you.
Experience interference-free calls up to 300′ away from your desk phone
Efficiency in the Office

The Plantronics SupraPlus offers absolute comfort, outstanding sound-quality, and many useful features. The noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise for clearer calls, while 64-bit digital encryption ensures call privacy. If you are amongst the many people who now make lengthy conference calls, the SupraPlus Wireless headset from Plantronics means you can simultaneously write or type notes, access papers, or even just relax and enjoy your coffee, all while talking business.

300-Foot Range for Mobile Multi-Tasking

Moving between meetings, conferring with colleagues, or taking calls in offices doesn’t mean you need to interrupt important calls. The CS351N features a wireless transmitter with a range of up to 300 feet from your desk phone. With support for the Plantronics HL10 Handset Lifter (sold separately), you can even answer remotely so you’ll never miss or interrupt a call while away from your desk.

Lightweight Over-the-Head Design with Noise-Canceling Microphone

The CS351N features a soft on-ear pad with an over-the-head headband that’s light in weight and offers all-day comfort. The single-side earpiece lets you talk on the phone while remaining aware of what’s around you. An adjustable click-stop boom and noise-canceling microphone filter out background sounds for heightened speech clarity. Enjoy the audio quality of corded handsets, but without the tether.

Up to 10 Hours of Talk Time with Fast Recharge

The CS351N gives you up to ten hours of unencumbered talk time without recharge. Recharging time for the CS351N is quick: it fully recharges in three hours, and can achieve 3.5 hours of talk time in just an hour. Talk longer with less downtime.

Technical Specifications

  • Technology: DECT (1.8Ghz)
  • Headset LED: In-use indicator
  • 3 Base unit LEDs: Power, Talk mode, Headset charging
  • Operating range: Up to 300ft
  • Talk-time: Up to 10 hrs
  • Recharge time: 1 hr gives 3.5 hrs talk-time, full charge achieved after 3 hrs
  • Standby time: Up to 50 hrs
  • Battery: Lithium Ionm
  • Interference-free calls up to 300 feet away from desk phone
  • Noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise
  • 64-bit digital encryption provides call privacy
  • Single earpiece style lets you hear the conversation and what’s going on around
  • Ten hours talk time without recharge

Plantronics CS351N is built on digitally-encrypted 1.9Ghz technology, the Plantronics CS351N SupraPlus Wireless Headset System lets contact center supervisors who desire mobility answer or end calls while away from the workstation (with optional HL10 lifter) in unmatched comfort and with best-in-class audio quality. Combining the clarity of traditional corded technology with the mobility of wireless, the Plantronics CS351N SupraPlus Wireless encourages hands-free productivity for employees and lets contact center supervisors monitor agents and handle escalation cases up to 300 feet from their desk phone. Designed for over-the-head comfort, the Plantronics CS351N Wireless lets wearers converse easily with coworkers without removing the headset (Monaural design) or experience total-focus sound reduction (Binaural design). Both the Voice Tube and Noise-Canceling microphone filter out excessive background sound.

Key Features:

  • Noise-Canceling microphone that filters out background sound
  • Confer with colleagues, walk to the printer, pour a cup of coffee—without ever interrupting or missing a call
  • Relieve back and neck discomfort with improved posture and the freedom to use both hands
  • Combines the clarity of traditional corded technology with the mobility of wireless
  • Employees can continue digitally secure phone conversations while moving about the office
  • Voice-dedicated 1.9Ghz DECT 6.0 technology delivers premium audio quality
  • Latest wireless technology ensures call privacy with digitally-encrypted security
  • Conduct a full day of wireless business—talk hands-free for up to 10 hours
  • No overnight wait: the headset is 80% recharged in 1.5 hours and fully recharged in under three hours
  • Best-in-class audio—exceptional receive and transmit quality rivals landline phone performance
  • Multiple designs: choose the ability to converse easily with co-workers without removing the headset (Monaural earphone) or total-focus sound reduction (Binaural earphones)
  • Design based on the popular all-day wearing style of the Plantronics CS351N SupraPlus
  • For headset wearers sharing a workstation, the multi-shift feature allows agents working in different shifts to use their own headset with a single SupraPlus Wireless base**


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