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The Sanyo DSR-M814HH120 is a digital video recorder designed for commercial applications, allowing multiple security cameras to be managed for recording, viewing and control from a single compact and robust device. This unit accepts up to 4 analog cameras and supports the simultaneous playback and recording of images at speeds up to 30 FPS for the combined channels.

This unit ships with one 120gb hard drives A USB port is available for exporting short-term video to an optional external CD, DVD or Compact Flash drive.

Video is recorded in the MPEG-2 format and is adjustable for frame rates and picture quality to suit a variety of security environments. Live and recorded video footage can be viewed on a local analog monitor or on a remote Internet PC using a standard Windows browser. Working from a network location, clients can also operate the PTZ functions of cameras attached via an RS-485 interface.

Installing Sanyo’s optional VA-SW814 DVR utility software provides a user with a whole range of additional functions not available on a standard Internet browser. These include the ability to manage up to 4000 DVRs, a more robust password system and a tool for verifying the authenticity of recorded footage.

Recording can be set for continuous operation or programmed to begin at a date and time, at the event of an alarm or when triggered by its internal motion detector. This not only saves valuable hard drive space but also makes it easy to locate a piece of video among many hours of recorded material.

Compact, half-rack design for installing two units side-by-side in a 19″ rack
Simultaneous recording and playback at 30 FPS
Full or quad display
Manual or sequential switching in full mode
Loop-through video inputs
Network connection for remote Internet viewing and control
Password protection system configurable for clients and administrators
PTZ Control via RS-485 interface
Hard drive mirroring capability for fail safe operation
Motion detection function for each camera input
Optional VA-SW814 DVR utility software available for remote video management
Programmable recording based on date, time, alarm event or motion detection
Optional VSP-8000 controller available for operating up to 128 DVR units
Audio I/O ports
Supports series recording using multiple DVRs for longer recording times at higher resolution
USB Port for adding external CD, DVD or Compact Flash drives
NTSC and PAL Compatible

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