10GbE Pass-Through Modules for Dell M1000e Blade Enclosures E07m YHc8V


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Dell Pass-Through Modules are hot swappable in the M1000e chassis.

Redundant units provide failover protection.

Up to four 10Gb Ethernet Pass Through II modules (two in Fabrics B and C) supported per M1000e chassis.

Up to six 10Gb Ethernet Pass Through-k modules (two in Fabrics A, B, and C) supported per M1000e chassis.


Connects Dell blade servers using 10 Gigabit Ethernet NIC blade mezzanine I/O cards to external switches

Great solution for Dell™ PowerConnect™, Cisco Catalyst/Nexus switches as well as your choice of external Ethernet switches



Height: 272.75 mm
Width: 32.48 mm
Depth: 307.24 mm


2.6 kg without SFP’s; 3.0 kg with SFP’s

Environmental Operating Conditions

Please see limits associated with M1000e blade enclosure

Directly connecting individual 10 Gigabit blade servers to external 10 Gigabit networking resources.


Dell 10Gb Ethernet Pass Through Modules are transparent to all Ethernet topologies, providing connectivity from Dell blades to any vendor’s external LAN switch.

Connect to any industry standard Ethernet compliant device.


Module is unmanaged – all management occurs via NIC firmware or O/S, or external switch Device status is available through the M1000e Chassis Management Controller (CMC)

Dell 10GbE-k Pass-Through Module performs a power on self-test and various ongoing diagnostics to ensure proper operation


10 Gigabit per second line speed per port, full duplex

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Weight 6 lbs


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