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ASUS V3800 32MB (Tf) (part number AGP-V3800/32M/TF) is a Graphics Processing Unit, targeted at desktop market. The GPU is based on NVIDIA Riva TNT2 32 MB model, and produced on 250 nm manufacturing process. The card has graphics clocked at 125 MHz. It also has 2 pixel shaders, 2 ROPs, and 2 texture units. The V3800 32MB (TF) embeds 32 MB of SGR memory. Because the memory is clocked at 150 MHz, and utilizes 128 bit bus, the effective memory bandwidth is 2.4 GB/s. The GPU supports AGP 4x interface, and uses 1 motherboard slot.


Manufacturer: ASUS
Model: V3800 32MB
Part number: AGP-V3800/32M
Based on: NVIDIA Riva TNT2 32 MB [Compare]
Target market segment: Desktop
Die name: NV5
Architecture: Second Generation 128-bit TwiN Texel architecture
Fabrication process: 250 nm
Transistors: 15 million
Bus interface: AGP 4x


Graphics clock: 125 MHz

Memory specifications

Memory size: 32 MB
Memory type: SGR
Memory clock: 150 MHz
Memory clock (effective): 150 MHz
Memory interface width: 128-bit
Memory bandwidth: 2.4 GB/s

Cores / Texture

ROPs: 2
Pixel shader processors: 2
Vertex shader processors: 0
Texture units: 2
RAMDACs: 300 MHz
Decoders: MPEG 1/2

Video features

Maximum VGA resolution: 2048 x 1536


Pixel fill rate: 250 Megapixels/s
Texture fill rate: 250 Megatexels/s
Polygon throughput: 5 million triangles/s

External connectors

Standard display connectors: VGA


Width: Single-Slot

Other features / Support

OpenGL support: 1.2
DirectX support: 6.0

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