Canopus DVStorm2 Video Capture and Realtime Playback Card 90 day warranty

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Unit was pulled from a working DV Editing system. A fantastic feature of this card is it allows for 3 simultaneous DV Capture streams at the same time. Is compatible with Adobe Premiere 6.5 or earlier, as well as other editing systems.

P/N: k12-PC-008  t04-ab-009 u03-ab-101 dvstorm-rt codec stormencoder

Brand: Canopus

Connectors:            Firewire 800 ; 2x Mini-din & 2x standard AV port

digital: 1 x IEEE1394 / Firewire (i.Link)

analogue: 1 x composite video-in (RCA) per adapter 1 x S-video in (mini DIN 4pin) 1 x S-video out (mini DIN 4pin) 1 x stereo audio -in (mini jack) 1 x stereo audio-out (mini jack)

The Canopus DV Driver is a unified driver for DVRaptor RT/RT2 series, DVStorm series, and EDIUS DVX/DVStorm XA series cards.

This DV driver must be installed to use the latest versions of EDIUS and/or the Adobe Premiere Pro plug-in (excluding original DVRaptor RT which is not supported). This driver is typically included and pre-installed with the latest updates for EDIUS and Adobe Premiere Pro plug-in, so you should always use the included drivers with those packages first.

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