GENUINE 220W Power Supply For Acer eMachines Gateway Series ps-5221-06 warranty


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30 day warranty

GENUINE 220W Power Supply For Acer eMachines Gateway Series replacement model: Delta DPS-220UB A, Liteon PS-5221-9, PS-5221-06, Acer Aspire X1420, X1420G, X1920, X3400G, Z3101, Z3730, Z3731, Z3751, Z3761, Z5101, Z5751, Z5760, Z5761, X3810, X5810, X1700, X1200, X1301, X1400, X1800, X1900, X3100, X3200, X3300, X3400, X3812x, X3910, X3950, Z3100 Veriton X275, X480G, AC35357, 3500, 3500G, X270, Power FH, PY.22009.003, PY.22009.006, PY.2200B.001, Chicony CPB09-D220R, Emachine EL1200, EL1210, EL1333, EL1333G, EL1352, EL1352G, EL1358, EL1358G, EL1850G, EL1852, EL1852G, EL1300, EL1300G, EL1321, EL1331, EL1331G, EL1833, EL1850, L1210, Gateway One Z3760, ZX4931, ZX4951, ZX6951, Gateway SX2851, L1200, EL1600, L1700, SX2300, SX2310, SX2311, SX2800, SX2801, SX2802, SX2840, SX2841, SX2850
  • Compatible models: DPS-220UB-A Liteon PS-5221-9, PS-5221-06, CPB09-D220R, Acer Aspire: X1200 X1301 X1400 X1420 X1420G X1700 X1800 X1900 X1920 X3100 X3200 X3300 X3400 X3400G X3810 X3812x X3910 X3950 X5810 X5300 Z3100 Z3101 Z3730 Z3731 Z3751 Z3761 Z5101 Z5751 Z5760 Z5761, Liteon PS-5221-09, PS-5221-06, PS-5221-05D1, PS-5221-02D1
  • Acer Veriton: 3500 3500G X270 X275 X480G AC35357 & Acer Power FH. Dell: P3JW1, HU220NS-00, HK320-82FP, D220R004L 429K9, R5RV4,HK320-81FP, 5NV0T, 89XW5, 6XYV0, HK320-85FP, FXV31, 0FXV31, 4C9X9
  • Chicony CPB09-D220R, eMachines: EL1200 EL1210 EL1300 EL1300G EL1321 EL1331 EL1331G EL1333 EL1333G EL1352 EL1352G EL1358 EL1358G EL1700 EL1833 EL1850 EL1852 EL1852G
  • Gateway: SX2300 SX2310 SX2311 SX2800 SX2801 SX2802 SX2840 SX2841 SX2850 SX2851
  • Gateway One: Z3760 ZX4931 ZX4951 ZX6951

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