Genuine Dell 250w Power Supply select Dimension Optiplex PowerEdge w/ warranty

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90 day warranty working pull

Compatable Part Numbers: P3117, M1608, H2678, 2Y054, N2286, 8X949, M1608, 0N380, M0148, K2946, K2583, 4R656, 4G456, 2N333, F0340, F0894, G0495, P1444 | Compatible Dell Model Numbers: NPS-250FBB, NPS-250KB D, NPS-250KBB, NPS-250KB-F, PS-5251-2DFS, HP-P2507FWP, P2507FWP, NPS-250KB B, PS-5251-2DS, HP-P2507FW, HP-P2507F3CP, HP-P1457F3, DLP2507FW, HP-P2507F3C, DLP2507F3B, HP-2507FWP
  • Part Number: K2583
  • Model: NPS-250KB d
  • Type: Power Supply
  • Output: 250W
  • Dell OptiPlex GX260 / Dell Dimension 2400 3000 4300 4400

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