GIGABYTE GA-MA69VM-S2 AM2 AMD Motherboard with Athalon CPU 2gb ram & warranty

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90 day warranty working pull includes 2gb ram and Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+

  • Supports AMD Athlon/ Sempron processors*
  • Supports high performance Dual-Channel DDR2 800 memory
  • Integrated ATI™ Radeon™ X1200-based Graphics Engine
  • Features SATA 3Gb/s with RAID function
  • Optimized Gigabit LAN connection
  • Features 8 channel High Definition Audio
  • RoHS compliant motherboard for green computing


GIGABYTE Technology latest S series motherboards for AMD socket AM2 platform, featuring with two innovative features- Safe and Smart Technologies. The new S series motherboards GA-MA69VM-S2; supporting AMD new generation AM2 processor with dual channel DDR2 800MHz high frequency memories, providing reliable and user friendly computing and reaching the maximum system performance easily via personalized software settings. GIGABYTE S series motherboards, the champion’s choice for AMD Socket AM2 platform!


AMD Phenom™ Processors Support
The AMD Phenom™ processors are an ideal choice for multi-media enthusiasts and intensive multi-tasking environments to offer significant performance boosts and provides an overall more energy efficient platform.
(Note) If you install AMD AM2+ CPU on AM2 motherbord, the system bus speed will downgrade from HT3.0(5200MHz) to HT1.0(2000 MT/s) spec; however, the frequency of AM2+ CPU will not be impacted. Please refer “CPU Support List” for more information.


The Smart featured motherboards of GIGABYTE S series provide GIGABYTE proprietary innovative software such as Download Center, @BIOS, Q-Flash, Xpress Install, Boot menu, and Smart Fan. BIOS and driver management now becomes much easier and user friendly through GIGABYTE Smart features!…more


Safe is the key feature of GIGABYTE S series motherboards with the following elements: Excellent hardware design, reinforced BIOS protection through GIGABYTE Virtual Dual BIOS Technology and GIGABYTE BIOS Setting Recovery Technology. Unique system software such as Xpress Recovery 2, PC Health Monitor, HDD S.M.A.R.T., and C.O.M. further strengthen the stability and reliability of your PC!…more


Energy Star 4.0
Energy Star 4.0 is mainly verified the consumption of system energy resources. Therefore GIGABYTE also takes the lead to promote the motherboard of Energy Star 4.0 compliant. It can conform to the authentication standard when it collocates the specific equipment. Users can select this motherboard for the assembly system in high stability and high efficiency performance. Also, it can achieve energy saving and reducing the greenhouse gas produced from electric discharge produces for energy and expenses saving…more


AMD Live Ready
AMD Live Ready Requirement compliant.


AMD AthlonTM 64 FX/ 64 X2 / 64 Processor
The leading-edge performance and unparallel technology of AMD Athlon™64 socket AM2 series processor has built its strength on the well-known AMD64 framework which consisted of 64-bit computing platform, HyperTransport Technology, and integrated memory controller. The latest Athlon™64 socket AM2 processor brings the power and multitasking performance on the desktop platform and ensures superior performance on mission critical business applications.


AMD 690V Chipset
The brand new AMD 690V chipset features ATI™ Radeon™ X1200 Graphics Engine. This unique combination of Integrated Graphics Processor (IGP) creates a single motherboard featuring a world-class DX9, Pixel Shader V2.0, ATI™ Avivo Technology, ATI™ SurroundView™ Technology for faster and smoother game-play, a high quality video processing engine for advance quality of video and DVD playback.


PCI Express Interface
Revolutionary PCI Express interface provides scalable bandwidth for multi-purpose usage. PCI-E x16 interface doubles the bandwidth of graphics interface of previous generation thus delivering the utmost gaming experience. PCI-E x1interface provides twice the bandwidth of PCI interface up to 250MB/s for new generation I/O peripheral devices.


Superior Dual channel DDR2 800 Architecture
AMD Athlon™64 series processor achieves the milestone for desktop computing with the CPU-integrated memory controller. This platform supports dual channel DDR2 800 memory architecture with high bandwidth of up to 12.8 GB/s and shorter memory accessing latency thus delivering the greatest memory performance.


This platform supports reliable storage solution for enhanced data protection and data accessing performance. Serial ATA 3Gb/s is firstly introduced in this platform to provide blazingly 3Gb/s bus bandwidth thus higher disk performance. The NVIDIA® RAID allows multi-disk designs to be set up as RAID 0, 1, based on users’ priority of protection/ performance. This NVIDIA RAID function makes the RAID even more accessible by introducing the innovative windows-based facility.


High Definition Audio
Experience home theater-quality sound with your PC using High Definition Audio for enhanced multi-channel audio, improved voice and communication input, and multi-streaming capability.
  • CPU
    1. Support for Socket AM2+/ AM2 processors: AMD Phenom™FX processor/ AMD Phenom™ processor/ AMD Athlon™ 64 FX processor/AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core processor/AMD Athlon™ 64 processor/AMD Sempron™ processor.

    (Note) If you install AMD AM2+ CPU on AM2 motherbord, the system bus speed will downgrade from HT3.0(5200MHz) to HT1.0(2000 MT/s) spec; however, the frequency of AM2+ CPU will not be impacted. Please refer “CPU Support List” for more information.

  • Chipset
    1. North Bridge Chipset: AMD 690V
    2. South Bridge Chipset: AMD SB600
    3. Super I/O chip: ITE IT8716
    4. Integrated Peripherals
      1. Realtek RTL8110 Gigabit Ethernet
      2. Realtek ALC888 Audio Codec
  • Memory
    1. 4 DDR2 DIMM memory slots (supports up to 16GB memory)(Note 1)
    2. Supports dual channel DDR2 800/667/533/400 DIMMs
    3. Supports 1.8V DDR2 DIMMs

    (Note 1) Due to the limitation of Windows 32-bit operating system, when more than 4GB of physical memory is installed, the actual memory available for the operating system will be less than 4GB; Windows 64-bit operating system doesn’t have such limitation.

  • Expansion Slots
    1. 1 PCI Express x 16 slot
    2. 1 PCI Express x 4 slot
    3. 2 PCI slot
  • Internal I/O Connectors
    1. 1 24-pin ATX power connector
    2. 1 4-pin ATX 12V power connector
    3. 1 floppy connector
    4. 1 IDE connector
    5. 4 SATA 3Gb/s connector
    6. 1 CPU fan connector
    7. 1 system fan connector
    8. 1 front panel connector
    9. 1 front audio connector
    10. 1 CD In connector
    11. 1 SPDIF In/Out connector
    12. 3 USB 2.0/1.1 connector for additional 6 USB 2.0/1.1 ports by cables
    13. 1 COMB connector
    14. 1 Power LED connector
    15. 1 Chassis Intrusion connector
    16. 1 TV out connector
  • Back Panel Connectors
    1. 1 PS/2 keyboard port
    2. 1 PS/2 mouse port
    3. 1 parallel port
    4. 1 COMA port
    5. 1 VGA port
    6. 4 USB 2.0/1.1 ports
    7. 1 RJ-45 LAN port
    8. 6 audio jacks (Line In / Line Out / MIC In/Surround Speaker Out (Rear Speaker Out)/Center/Subwoofer Speaker Out/Side Speaker Out)
  • H/W Monitoring
    1. System voltage detection
    2. CPU / System temperature detection
    3. CPU / System fan speed detection
    4. CPU / System warning temperature
    5. CPU fan failure warning
    6. Supports CPU Smart Fan function(Note 2)

    (Note 2) Whether the CPU Smart FAN Control function is supported will depend on the CPU you install.

  • BIOS
    1. 1 4Mbit flash ROM
    2. Use of licensed AWARD BIOS
    3. PnP 1.0a, DMI 2.0, SM BIOS 2.3, ACPI 1.0b
  • Form Factor
    1. Micro ATX form factor; 24.4cm x 24.4cm
  • Other Features
    1. Supports @BIOS
    2. Supports Download Center
    3. Supports Q-Flash
    4. Supports EasyTune (only supports Hardware Monitor function)(Note 3)
    5. Supports Xpress Install
    6. Supports Xpress Recovery2
    7. Supports Xpress BIOS Rescue

    (Note 3) EasyTune functions may vary depending on different motherboards.

  • Power
    1. ATX power connector and ATX 12V connector

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