Hall research U97-ultra receiver and sender unit pair


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All-In-One Console Extender


The Hall Research Model U97-Ultra-2B kit is used to extend Dual Display PC Video, Stereo Audio (amplified or line level), RS-232, and up to 3 independent USB ports to a remote location up to 500 feet away on any Category Cable (CAT5e/6 etc).

These products include a rack-mountable Sender Unit plus a wall-mountable Receiver (and I/O hood cover), packaged together. However they can also be sold separately under the U97-Ultra-2B-R and U97-Ultra-2B-S Part #’s.

  • Combines the functions of Hall Research Models U97-H2, UU2X4-P1, two SKU-RGB, DVC-3 video test pattern generator, and more
  • Eliminates the need for Utility Box (Receiver includes a guard plate that goes over all the connectors with tie-down provisions for strain relief)
  • Does not require external power supply (built-in supply with standard 110~240 VAC IEC320 jack)
  • Includes 2 “Direct” USB ports (DR1 & DR2), and a Standard with Hub at receiver.
  • DB15 connector for Amplified audio input and loop output at the sender as well as DB15 output at the receiver to directly drive passive speakers
  • Built-in video Skew Correction on both video channels. This corrects the lack of RGB convergence when long Cat6 cables are used. Eliminates the need to use special low-skew UTP cables for long runs

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