HP Pavilion Skt 370 Motherboard 109931 Cognac 19990723 inc CPU ram & warranty

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90 day warranty working pull includes 64mb ram and Celeron 466 CPU

The COGNAC Micro ATX motherboard offers a time to market consumer and corporate desktop solution featuring the Intel Celeron PPGA processor with 66/100MHz front side bus and the Whitney chipsets in a Micro ATX low profile motherboards. In addition, the integrated onchip graphics controller supports 4MB of SDRAM purpose of Display cache memory. The Cognac motherboard was designed to be highly minimized system cost. In this effort a smaller form factor, Micro-ATX, gives the greater space economy and more affordable systems. Integrating onchip graphics controller and SDRAM, as well as onchip AC’97 audio solution with AC97 Codec onto the motherboard eliminates the need for more expensive graphic and audio add-in cards. The end result is a system platform with a primary component level of integration with translates into affordable solution for entry level users.

COGNAC motherboard provides the 370pin PGA370 socket that is not backward compatible with ZIF socket-7 processors The Processor’s VID pins automatically program the voltage regulator on the motherboard to the required processor voltage. The motherboard supports processors that run internally at 300/333/366/400 /433/466/500MHz.

The motherboard has two, dual inline memory module (DIMM), minimum 16MB to maximum 256MB memory size. The BIOS can automatically detect the memory type, size, and speed through SMBUS interface between the core chipset and DIMM module.

  • T Motherboard • Small PCB size in the Micro ATX form factor (ATX V1.2 form factor) • 238mm * 238mm * 1.6t (4 Layers)
  • Intel Socket-370 (370pin PPGA Socket)

General description T Motherboard • Small PCB size in the Micro ATX form factor (ATX V1.2 form factor) • 238mm * 238mm * 1.6t (4 Layers) T Processor • Intel Socket-370 (370pin PPGA Socket) – Intel Celeron 400/433/466/500MHz processor @66MHZ Host clock – Intel TBD @100MHZ Host clock T Main Chipset • Graphics and Memory Controller Hub (GMCH) : Intel FW82810-DC100 / FW82810 • I/O Controller Hub (ICH) : Intel FW82801AA / FW82801AB • AC 97’ Controller : Intel FW82801AA/AB included • Audio Codec : Cirrus CS4299-JQ • Super I/O : ITE IT8702F-A • DC-DC Converter : HARRIS HIP6021CB • Clock : ICS 9250BF-10 (66/100MHz host clock, 100Mhz SDRAM Clock support) T Memory Configuration • System Memory – Two banks of 3.3V SDRAM (168pin unbuffered DIMM) with max 256MB – SDRAM operation in 100MHz front side bus • Display Cache Memory – Two 1M*16 3.3V SDRAM (4MB) – SDRAM operation in 100MHz • Flash Memory – Intel N82802AB, 4Mb PLCC Type – FirmWare Hub(FWH) Interface for platform operation – Address/Address Multiplexed Interface for programming during manufacturing T I/O Feature • Integrated standard I/O functions in the rear side – One multi-mode parallel port – One FIFO serial ports and optional port by header type – PS/2 styles keyboard and mouse port – Two USB port – Three audio jack for Speaker output ,Line input and MIC input – One Joystick port • I/O Controller (IT8702F-A) – Low Pin Count (LPC) interface with Host controller(ICH) – FDC, Parallel, Serial, keyboard/Mouse supported – Joystick port and MPU-401 compatible MIDI interface T Audio Subsystem • Intel 82801AA/AB AC’97 Audio/Modem controller • Independent channels for PCM in and PCM out, Microphone in Hardware Document Doc_Form# :RPR404-IB1 Board Development Team TriGem Computer Inc. 5/16 R&D Center • Left and Right audio channels • 16 bit sample resolution • multiple sample rates • AC’97 2.1 compliant AC-link interface T GMCH Subsystem • Host/Memory(DRAM) Controller features – 66/100Mhz System Bus Frequency – 100Mhz system memory bus frequency – Refresh mechanism: CBR only supported – Support for Asymmetrical DRAM addressing only – Support for Asymmetrical DRAM addressing only – Support for 64-bit data interface – Suspend to RAM support • Graphics Controller features – 3D Hyper Pipelined Architecture ( PDP, PPI) – full 2D H/W Acceleration – Motion Video Acceleration – H/W motion Compensation Assistance for S/W MPEG2 Decode – Software DVD at 30fps • 3D Graphics features – Flat & Gouraud Shading – Mip Maps with Bilinear and Anisotropic Filtering – Fogging Atmospheric Effects – Z Buffering – 3D Pipe 2D Clipping – Backface Culling – Per Pixel Perspective Correction Texture Mapping – Texture Compositing – Texture Color Keying/Croma Keying • Display features – Integrated 24-bit 230Mhz RAMDAC – Gamma Corrected Video – DDC2B Compliant • Graphics memory controller features – Intel D.V.M Technology (Dynamic Video Memory) • Display Cache Interface (FW82810-DC100 only) T ICH Subsystem • PCI Bus Interface • Integrated IDE controller • USB • AC’97 Link for Audio and Modem • Interrupt Controller • Low Pin Count Interface • SM Bus • Firmware Hub Interface

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