IBM 1×8 Console Switch 17351LX 8-port CAT5 console switch KVM NEW IN BOX


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Includes rack mounts as shown

These cost-effective, densely packed solutions help you set up and control rack-mounted xSeries servers.

  • The IBM 1×8 Console Switch (17351LX) is an 8-port, CAT5 console switch for single-user local management of KVM server functions.
  • Support up to 128 servers using 1×8 switch through tiering
  • Support up to 256 servers using 2×16 switch through tiering
  • Install outside the server — no adapter card required
  • Are easy to implement and are designed for rapid deployment
  • Require no PCI slot
  • Do not require the server to be opened to install switch or rerun wiring if the server is taken offline
  • Use management software powered by intuitive on-screen displays (OSDs) that makes management and setup extremely easy
  • Have been tested with IBM racks and xSeries products to give you the confidence that they function properly and install quickly and easily

The IBM 3M Console Switch Cable (PS/2®) and the IBM 3M Console Switch Cable (USB) plug into either a PS/2 KVM port or a USB KVM port on the back of a server.

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