LOT OF 4 SuperMicro 01-SC93301 XX00C003 3.5 SAS/SATA Hot Swap Caddy Drive Tray

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90 day warranty. Pulled from new never used server. Machine was never deployed.

For SuperMicro Server SC826, SC846

Part# SC93301 / 01-SCC93301-XX00C003 / MCP-220-00024-0B

Compatible with:

1022G-NTF 1022G-URF 2022TC-BIBQRF 2022TC-BTRF 2021A-32R+F 2022G-URF 2022TG-HIBQRF 2022TG-HTRF 5016I-NTF 6016T-NTF 6016T-UF 6026TT-BIBQF 1U Chassis SC815TQ-563CB SC815TQ-563UB SC815TQ-720CB SC815TQ-720UB SC815TQ-R650CV / SC815TQ-R650CBSC815TQ-R700CBSC815TQ-R700UB SC815TQ-710UB 2U Chassis SC825MTQ-R700LPBSC825MTQ-R700UB SC825TQ-563UB SC825TQ-R720LPB SC825TQ-R720UB SC826A-R1200LPB SC826A-R1200UB SC826E16-R1200LPB SC826E16-R1200UB SC826E1-R800LPV / SC826E1-R800LPB SC826E1-R800UBSC826E26-R1200LPB SC826E26-R1200UB SC826E2-R800LPV / SC826E2-R800LPB SC826E2-R800UBSC826TQ-R800LPV / SC826TQ-R800LPB SC826TQ-R800UB 3U Chassis SC837E16-RJBOD1 SC837E26-RJBOD1 SC835TQ-R800B SC836E1-R800V / SC836E1-R800B SC836E2-R800V / SC836E2-R800BSC836S2-R800V / SC836S2-R800BSC836TQ-R800V / SC836TQ-R800B 4U Chassis SC846A-R1200B SC846TQ-R900B SC846TQ-R1200BSC846E16-R1200B SC846E1-R1200B SC846E1-R710B SC846E1-R900B SC846E26-R1200B SC846E2-R900B SC847A-R1400LPB SC847A-R1400UB SC847E16-R1400LPB SC847E16-R1400UB SC847E16-RJBOD1 SC847E1-R1400LPB SC847E1-R1400UB SC847E26-R1400LPB SC847E26-R1400UB SC847E26-RJBOD1 SC847E2-R1400LPB SC847E2-R1400UB SC848A-R1800B

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