SAS3041E-R Raid 4PORT Sas Pcie 3GB/S Ir ROHS6 with 90 day warranty

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Working pull 90 day warranty

  • Data Transfer Rate – 3Gb/s per port
  • External Connectors – 4 internal SATA x1
  • Bus Type – PCI-E
  • – Integrated RAID 0, 1, 1E and 10E
  • – 4-lane 2.5Gb/s PCI Express

Cost-Effective Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Host Bus Adapter (HBA) Increases Performance and Reliability

Key Advantages
• Integrated RAID: LSI Logic RAID avoids additional host CPU overhead
• Scalablilty: addresses up to 128 SAS/SATA devices using expanders
• Speed: 2.5Gb/s PCI Express with 3Gb/s per port SAS interconnect
• Complete Solution: kit includes all necessary cables and brackets
• Market Leader: LSI SAS powers 80% of SAS worldwide

Most Economical SAS/SATA HBA in the Market Today
The LSISAS3041E-R card offers leading-edge SAS
and SATA RAID and non-RAID data off-load at a
fraction of the cost for competing products. The
low-cost HBA supports medium capacity internal
server storage applications by connecting a 4-lane
2.5Gb/s PCI Express bus with 4 SAS/SATA ports
through SATA 1x connectors. Cost advantages
over parallel SCSI are realized by optimizing the
HDD array between SAS and SATA drive types,
utilizing the lower-cost SATA drives for backup
while using the feature-rich SAS drives for missioncritical

Superior LSI Logic SAS Integrated RAID Performance
As the performance leader in SCSI/SAS controllers,
the LSISAS3041E-R leverages the LSI SAS1064E
controller ASIC’s advanced Fusion-MPT™ architecture.
While other SAS cards drive large RAID software
stacks between the host CPU and controller, the
LSISAS3041E-R HBA utilizes the embedded CPU
in the LSISAS1064E ASIC to perform integrated
RAID 0, 1, 1E and 10E operations. By avoiding
the PCI-X bus traffic and reducing RAID code
overhead, the LSISAS3041E-R is first in READ/
WRITE operation execution.

PCI Express and SAS Connectivity from the Serial IO Experts
The LSISAS3442E-R is a part of the first generation
of fully serialized Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
controllers. Successful implementation of these
serial adapters is best served with supplier
experience and knowhow. Having a supplier
who fully understands the physical, electrical and
protocol requirements of each new serial standard
will reduce the time for system bring-up and offer
greater flexibility in system topography.
LSI has supplied leading edge serial technology
to systems throughout the world for over 6
generations, making LSI the most experienced
enabler of serial interconnect for storage in the
world. Integrators can be assured that their LSI
adapter is providing the most advanced and robust
serial technology available.

Operating System Support
The LSISAS3041E-R HBA supports all key 32-bit
and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux,
Solaris, Netware as well as the x86, IA64, SPARC,
AMD64 and EM64T system architectures. All
OS drivers are backed by extensive testing and
validation to ensure optimum system performance.
For a list of the most current supported drivers, visit

PCI Bus 4-lane, 2.5Gb/s PCI Express
PCI Modes Bus master DMA
PCI Data Burst Transfer Rates 250MB/s per lane half duplex
500MB/s per lane full duplex
1000MB/s 4-lane half duplex
SAS Bandwidths Half Duplex Full Duplex
Single lane – 300MB/s Single SAS lane – 600MB/s
Wide port (2 lanes) – 600MB/s Wide port (2 lanes) – 1200MB/s
Wide port (3 lanes) – 900MB/s
Wide port (4 lanes) – 1200MB/s
PCI Voltage/Card Type +3.3V ±0.3V add-in card
PCI Form Factor 6.6” x 2.5” (MD2 low-profile)
PCI Power 7.5W
Bracket Full height and low-profile
PCI Certification Level PCI Express 1.0a
SAS Bus Four 3Gp/s SAS/SATA ports
SAS Controller ASIC LSISAS1064E
Connectors Four SATA x 1 internal connectors
LED Indicators Internal Activity, per Phy Internal Fault, per Phy
4 4
Integrated RAID Levels Integrated RAID 0, 1, 1E and 10E
Max Number of Physical Devices Non-RAID 122
Integrated RAID (IR) 10 spread across 2 volumes
IR RAID 0 8 per volume
IR RAID 1 2 per volume plus hotspare
IR RAID 1E 8 per volume
Environments Operating Storage
0°C to 60°C -45°C to +105°C
5 to 90% non-condensing 5 to 90% non-condensing
MTBF >200,000 hours
Compliances EMC: Class B-US (CFR 47, P15B); Canada (ICES-003); Japan (V-3/02.04) Europe
(EN55022/EN55024); Australia/New Zealand (AS/NZS 3548); Safety: EN60950
MyStorage Drive monitoring, HBA management, drive topology
OS Support • Microsoft™ Windows® 2000, Server 2003 32-bit and 64-bit (x86 and AMD64, XP)
• Red Hat® Linux® RHEL 3
• Novell® NetWare® 5.1 and 6.5
• SusSE® Linux®/SLES
• Sun SPARC Solaris 2.6 thru 2.10

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