Supermicro H8SSP-ADPT Motherboard with ram CPU & warranty for Snap Server 550

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Working Pull with 90 day warranty. Includes CPU and ram. This is a truly headless board and even though it does havea rage chip on it it does not have a VGA port on the board.

 CPU• Single AMD Opteron 200 series 64-bit processors in a 940-pin microPGA ZIF
• Four dual/single channel DIMM slots supporting up to 16 GB of registered ECC
DDR333/266 or up to 8 GB of registered ECC DDR400 SDRAM
Note: Refer to Section 2-4 before installing.
• ServerWorks HT-2000/1000
Expansion Slots
• One (1) 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X slot (3.3V)
• One (1) 64-bit, 100 MHz PCI-X/PCI slot (3.3V) (ZCR supported)
• Two (2) x8 PCI-Express slotsBIOS
• 8 Mb Firmware Hub AMIBIOS® Flash ROM
• APM 1.2, DMI 2.3, PCI 2.2, ACPI 1.0 (ACPI 2.0 is BIOS supported), Plug and
Play (PnP)
PC Health Monitoring
• Onboard monitors for CPU core voltage, +2.5V, +5V, +1.2V, ±12V, +5V standby,
+2.5V standby and battery voltage
• Fan status monitor with fi rmware/software speed control in BIOS
• Watch Dog, NMI
• Environmental temperature monitoring via BIOS
• Power-up mode control for recovery from AC power loss
• System resource alert
• Hardware BIOS virus protection
• Auto-switching voltage regulator for the CPU core1-6
H8SSP-8/H8SSP-i User’s Manual
ACPI Features
• Microsoft OnNow
• Slow blinking LED for suspend state indicator
• BIOS support for USB keyboard
• Main switch override mechanism
• Internal/external modem ring-on
Onboard I/O
• Adaptec AIC-7902W SCSI controller for dual-channel Ultra320 SCSI, RAID 0, 1
and 10 supported (H8SSP-8 only)
• ServerWorks SATA controller for four-port SATA
• One (1) ATA100 IDE port
• One (1) fl oppy port interface (up to 2.88 MB)
• Two (2) Fast UART 16550 compatible serial connectors (1 header, 1 port)
• Embedded (on-chip) Ethernet controller supports two Gigabit LAN ports
• PS/2 mouse and PS/2 keyboard ports
• Four (4) USB 2.0 ports (two ports, two headers)Other
• Wake-on-Ring (JWOR)
• Wake-on-LAN (JWOL1)
CD Utilities
• BIOS fl ash upgrade utility
• Extended ATX form factor, 16.235″ x 11.24″ 412 x 285 mm)

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