Elabs AV400COMP Component A/V Distribution Amp 4-Out with power supply av400


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Includes power supply

The AV400COMP allows any audio/video source with Y, Cb, Cr, or Y, Pb, Pr application outputs (component), to distribute audio and video. The signal ratio is true one to one with no loss from original source to four different locations. These locations must have the same application as your audio/video source.

This high quality audio/video amplifier gives you ability to distribute low-noise, low-distortion component video and analog audio signals to four destinations. Amplified, broadband circuitry eliminates signal loss and assures true one-to-one ratio, low noise, low distortion, unity gain audio and video distribution.
  • High performance signal distribution
  • Send signal output to four different locations
  • Supports resolutions of up to 1080p
  • Amplifiers may be cascaded for system expansion

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