Fuel Oil Tank Alarm

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For the customer:
  • Never run out of fuel, reminds you to call for delivery at least 1 week before you run out.
  • Save extra cost to deliver on off hours (could be up to $150 charge)
  • Protect your family from cold – elderly and children at risk
  • Easy to install
  • Will operate for up to about 100 hours continuous on new 9-volt battery
For the delivery company:
  • Know in advance fuel is needed and where
  • Helps develop a route thus saving money
  • Allows for buying fuel at lower prices
  • Keeps customers happy and trouble free
  • Avoids cost if automatic delivery not made
How to install your Fuel Oil Level Alarm
You will find a small silver disk in the box. This is a special magnet. On your tank level indicator, unscrew the plastic lens. Drop the disk on top of the red indicator. Screw the lens back on. Slip the lens into the cable tie. Place the alarm next to the lens and make sure it sits down as far as it can. Tighten the cable tie snug to the lens. Turn the unit on with the small toggle switch in the on position. Real simple and that’s it! If you hear or see the alarm sounding, you have a week to 10 days to call for a refill of your tank. Turn the alarm off until you tank is filled and turn on again once filled. The alarm will run for around 80 continuous hours before the battery dies. Replace the battery yearly when you change you smoke detector batteries, usually at the daylight savings time, a holiday or birthday. Replace immediately! Not responsible if your battery is dead or you ignore the alarm.

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