Swann C510R Professional CCD Security Camera


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No power supplies or cables included. New product never used. Left over extra camera from security install

  • High Resolution Color CCD camera
  • Plugs directly into TV, VCR, DVR, monitor or quad processor
  • Ideal theft deterrent – research shows 70% reduction in crime
  • Color pictures during the day, infrared night vision after dark
  • Auto-Iris function (requires alternative lens)

Product Description
The Swann Professional CCD Camera provides you with crisp clear images when connected to your TV, VCR, or Swann Security solution. With a C/CS inter-changeable lens system which allows for the addition of optional lenses#, the Swann Professional CCD Camera is ideal for Domestic to Commercial applications to suit your surveillance needs or location. #Extra lenses sold separately.

From the Manufacturer
From the Manufacturer

C-510R Security Camera
Classic camera styling with infra-red vision

The Swann C-510R color camera combines the sophisticated look and performance of a high-end security camera with the ease-of-use and low-cost benefits of DIY related products, and is equally suitable for use in commercial and residential applications. In addition to a number of electronic light controls, this camera uses an array of built-in IR LEDs to illuminate a distance of up to 65 feet. Included with the camera, is a 4mm lens, which can be swapped for any C/CS mount lens, including one with auto iris capabilities, should the need arise. Also included, is a 32ft (10m) long BNC video cable and a camera bracket for sturdy attachment to a wall or ceiling.

Swann C-510R Security Camera

Better Resolution for a higher quality image
The Swann C-510R features an incredible 1/4-inch CCD image sensor a resolution of 400 TV Lines or 512 x 582 (PAL), 512 x 492 (NTSC).

About CCD
CCD stands for Charge Coupled Device, which is used as a type of image sensor. CCD sensors are high quality sensors that are commonly used in portable camcorders and similar video equipment. CCD sensors can usually handle more variation in light conditions than CMOS and are more sensitive so will work better in low and variable light conditions.

Spectacular Night Vision
The Infra-Red LEDs can project IR light that is invisible to the human eye but can be seen by the Swann C-510R to a distance ranging to 32ft / 10 metres. With a small amount of ambient light, such as street lighting and house lighting the distance can be extended.

Infra-Red Night Vision allows cameras to see in the dark, It is the method of using IR LEDs (Infra-Red Light Emitting Diodes) as illumination for a camera with a sensor that can see infra-red light provides the illumination needed to capture clear images in total darkness or low-light conditions

Infra-Red light is part of the light spectrum that is not visible to the human eye. Where there is insufficient visible light to see an object a Swann C-510R camera automatically activates its IR mode and sees the light from the IR LEDs using its IR image sensor. The resulting image is displayed as a black and white picture on your screen.

What’s in the box:
C-510R Camera
Camera Stand
4mm Fixed Lens
NO Power Adapter

Please find the below handy setup tips for your security system
For best results do NOT point the camera towards a light source such as the sun or light.
Also do not have the camera in a shaded area looking out into a well lit area as this will display poor results. Example: If the camera is hidden in a mailbox, because the mailbox is dark inside the camera sensor will try to adjust according to the available light. But if outside the mailbox there is good light like sunshine, you will get poor results. The light to the camera sensor in the front of the camera needs to be the same as the light at the focal target for best results.
Power for Wired and Wireless Cameras, both types of cameras require a power source, although the camera maybe weatherproof the connections to the AV cable and power adapter are not. Please make sure that these connections are in a water or moisture free environment.
Over time the lens or front case glass may become dirty, please use a lint free cloth to clean both. Similar cloth that would be used to clean a CD Disc.
Power adapters: all power adapters are for indoor use only and must be shielded from outdoor elements. When using an outdoor camera, please use extension cords to power the camera and keep cables away from the outdoor elements.
When installing the camera, before screwing in the mounting bracket, check the image on the screen to see if the picture is clear from direct sun or light.

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