Spirent TAS 4500 Flex RF Channel Emulator


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This product was procured as a working unit from a development facility. We have been told the product is fully functional.

We have powered the unit up and find that it lights up and fans function. However we lack the technical ability to test further.

We are selling this product as a working unit and it is backed by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

The TAS 4500 RF Channel Emulator provides a convenient, thorough approach for testing wireless communications equipment by emulating the delay, fast and slow fading, and path loss characteristics of RF mobile communication channels. The 4500 allows thorough testing in a laboratory setting and drastically reduces the time required for product tests. The 4500 can be used to test a wide range of wireless voice and data communication equipment, including cellular telephones, cellular modems, personal communication terminals, wireless LANs, pagers, wireless network equipment, and much more. A single 4500 emulates two independent wide bandwidth RF channels, each with up to six transmission paths. Delay, path loss, Rayleigh fading, and log-normal fading characteristics can be programmed for each path. Two six-path channels can be combined to make one 12-path channel, and two, three, or four 4500s can be combined and synchronized for multi-channel applications.

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