40+ pieces boa closure system spare parts kit B1657 one size assortment

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Look at images for quantities. I do not know which reel is which so I can’t give an accurate count.


h3 coiler reel PN: x1227.2
H3 Reel pn: X1226.2
H2 Dial PN: B944
M3v2 Reel PPN B1510
100cm HP Lace B208
110cm HP lace PN: B333
120cm HP lace PN: B109
100cm HP Lace terminated PN B208T
110cm HP Lace terminated PN B333T
Hex Wrenhch 1.3mm PN B104
T6 tool PN: B1229
M3 Spectra Spool PN: B1316
h2 spool B1037
M3 snow B1263
60cm Lace Feeder
130cm HP lace PN: B110
140cm HP lace PN: B111
150cm HP lace PN: B112
160cm HP lace PN: B113
170cm HP lace PN: B114
60cm HP Lace terminated PN B378T
70cm HP Lace terminated PN B373T
80cm HP Lace terminated PN B379T
90cm HP Lace terminated PN B149T

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